January 9, 2023

Getting to Know Claira: Aisha Othman

Welcome to our weekly corner: Getting to Know. Every week, we’ll take a few minutes to catch up with a Claira team member to help our readers and users get to know them better. You know what Claira does, so let us highlight the people behind the machine and what makes them an expert in workforce development through different questions. Hopefully, this will give you a glimpse into their personalities and even their competencies.

This week, we’re getting to know Aisha Othman, a Machine Learning Engineer at Claira. Aisha is a data scientist at their core, with a love for processing text into all of its forms. Aisha is a Texas resident and holds a BS in Computer Science from University of St. Thomas (Texas) with multiple industry accreditations, including Python, Machine Learning and MySQL, to name a few. 

As a Machine Learning Engineer, which competency of yours do you use the most on a daily basis?
Programming in a Python language

What keeps you most engaged at work?

My coworkers. They lift me up when I am disappointed in myself or when I am struggling through some stages of the projects that we are working on. I truly believe that Claira’s best assets are its employees. You can tell that Claira is a great company just by talking to its team members. They are kind, they are funny, they are crazy (let’s just be super honest here), and they are incredibly supportive. I wake up in the mornings and go through my day just trying to bring some value and help the people that I work with.

What about Claira’s vision makes you excited to reach your goals?

I truly believe that Claira is going to be able to make the hiring field fair and accessible for a lot of people. I think that equal access to opportunity and fairness are the greatest things that one can have in their life. So many people get robbed of their great future just because they did not have a great resume or don’t have a traditional educational background. People are different, their paths are very different, and the way we get to our destinations is very different from person to person. Claira is trying to level out the hiring field so that all the people regardless of their personal circumstances can get in front of the hiring companies and be noticed. Claira does a lot of other cool stuff, but that is the part that excites me the most. It motivates me to push through my personal boundaries and keep learning and growing so that I can help this company fulfill its vision.

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