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Claira Villages

Claira Villages is a private organizational home within the software that represents your human capital digitally.

As a marketplace within a marketplace, Claira Villages map internal talent to identify gaps, trends, and opportunities for optimization. This competency balance sheet allows firms to understand the full picture of individual contribution and enables better teaming, hiring and business strategy.

Each Claira Village is connected to the public Claira Marketplace, providing on-demand worker matches as well as real time trend data.

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Claira Insights

Claira Insights leverages a new labor market data set for the digital economy, providing companies with clear answers for their human capital needs.

By mapping internal workforce competencies, Claira Insights creates a digital twin of a firm’s makeup that enables leaders to maximize their talent utilization.

This data is dynamic. As a firm evolves, Claira Insights keeps a real time picture of internal and external information that empowers firm leadership to understand their valuable human resources and make informed strategic decisions.

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Claira Marketplace

Claira Marketplace connects companies to diverse talent with an AI-driven competency engine. No job descriptions, no resumes.

The old way of hiring is slow, imprecise, and biased. The new way is a 4 minute process and a match percentage score showing everything someone can actually do on the job.

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