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Claira makes sense of your workforce, instantly

You need more than just a legacy HR system. Claira’s software platform gives you visibility into your team’s capabilities, matching them to your business needs in real-time
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"Individuals want to work, but they don’t know where to start, how to train, or the best way to connect to work. Employers have repeatedly said, 'All I care about is what someone can do on the job today.' This is what competencies are."

— Katie Hall, Founder & CEO, Claira

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So what is Claira? We’re glad you asked.

Claira is the workforce optimization solution for the future that doesn’t care about your past. Unlike legacy systems centered around credentials and past experiences, Claira focuses on surfacing the competencies of your workforce, giving you clarity and insight into the problems affecting organizational visibility, agility, engagement, and suitability

Focus on leading, not guessing

Claira uncovers everything you ever wanted to know about your people, but they forgot to tell you. By focusing on what people know, not who they know or where they went to school, Claira’s powerful analytics unlock insights into your workforce that provide clear answers to your biggest questions without all of the guessing
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Purposefully leverage and place talent effectively

Transform your workforce with agility and precision. Stop missing the essential details needed to optimally match and grow talent to meet your ongoing business needs. With Claira you have the dynamic talent platform for leaders and employees alike

Ready to unlock your workforce potential?

Don’t talk about it. Be about it! Take the next step to building a competency-based workforce, making job descriptions and resumes obsolete.
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