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Typical firms leave 62% of their worker's abilities untapped and have no way of knowing what their people can do. Claira creates a digital twin of your firms capabilities, providing the unbiased visibility you require to build a more engaged and efficient workforce
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“The value of competencies is well-established. Without this alignment, businesses don’t have the talent to succeed.... The impact? Innovation suffers, customer loyalty declines, and growth goals are missed.”

— Deloitte

Tools to Manage with Purpose

Why settle for legacy HR software? With Claira, you can do so much more
This is not your mother’s or father’s HR software. Claira is an ML-powered suite of software tools designed to empower both employers and employees with unbiased data.

For employers, Claira combines the power of machine learning with our team’s decades of human capital management experience to optimize workforce planning, and to ensure that your people are positioned for success. This means that you can save time and reduce the risk of bad hires, while also increasing existing employee engagement and retention.

For employees, Claira provides personalized career guidance and insights, allowing them to maximize their potential and achieve their professional goals. By providing impartial data and removing human biases, Claira helps to create a fair and equitable workplace that benefits everyone.
Let’s look at how Claira does this.

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At its core, Claira Drives Employee ROI

Claira maximizes employee ROI by identifying opportunities for upskilling and cross-utilization throughout an employee's tenure, reducing the need for constant recruitment.
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Discover the power of Claira in unlocking your workforce potential. Build a competency-based workforce, eliminate job descriptions and resumrs, and achieve your organizational goals. Take the next step now.
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