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Everything you need to get the most from your people, fast

Using machine learning, Claira streamlines hiring and employee management, helping businesses thrive whether you need help with engagement, retention or succession planning
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“Successful transformations are more likely to strategically allocate the highest performers to the most important initiatives. This requires a clear understanding of where value is created and who in the organization has the experience and skills to deliver that value.”

— McKinsey & Company

Focus on leading, not guessing

Claira uncovers every granular detail of your people’s capabilities, even the ones they didn’t know existed
Claira utilizes advanced competency science and machine learning to generate a dynamic digital representation of your employees' abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. By focusing on your employees' potential for growth and development, Claira's robust analytics uncover valuable insights into your current talent pool, offering precise answers to your most pressing workforce needs without resorting to guesswork.
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Visibility - Claira Insights

Digitally map your team's competencies and plan with confidence

With a fast onboarding process that was built by workforce experts, Claira creates an end-to-end human capital map that brings unrivaled visibility into your organization’s competencies and gaps
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Agility - Claira Discover

Tap into your team’s undiscovered potential

Labor markets are more cross-functional than ever before. Claira breaks people out of silos, efficiently matching them to backfill roles, organizational gaps, and support projects as your needs change
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Longevity - Claira Engage

Retain your star employees for the long haul

Claira’s employee engagement platform helps you create personalized career paths and growth opportunities for your employees, while also planning for succession and reducing turnover
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Suitability - Claira Marketplace

Get the right people into the right seats, faster

Claira Marketplace accelerates the hiring process by using machine learning to match the right internal and external candidates to open roles. This helps to ensure that the best possible candidates are considered for each role, and that time-to-hire and cost is minimized

A fresh, unbiased dataset that grows with your company

Transform your workforce with agility and precision. Stop missing the essential details needed to optimally match and grow your talent pool to meet your business needs
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Understand Your Workforce
Digitally map your team's competencies, and identify any hidden capabilities that can be leveraged to meet your overall performance goals
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Identify and Fill Role and Talent Gaps
Use Claira’s platform to match people to roles within your organization, and identify any talent gaps that may exist. You can then fill any remaining gaps from within your organization or through Claira’s Marketplace
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Optimize Your Team
Discover and nurture growth opportunities for your employees based on their competencies and your company needs
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Exceed Your Strategic Goals
Optimally match your human capital to organizational goals and futurecast with predictive people analytics
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Achieve World Domination
Discover your organization's intellectual genome to enhance staff management, successful hiring, and unbiased decision-making
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