Why Claira?

Dynamic talent platform for leaders and employees alike

Optimize your talent strategy by effectively deploying and cross-utilizing employees, giving managers the tools to mobilize and engage each worker

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“86% of employees said they would prefer to work for a company that prioritizes outcomes over output. In the future, companies will need to rethink how they measure productivity because traditional metrics will no longer cut it.

— Harvard Business Review

Powerful Machine Learning

The Modern People Engine

Claira's machine learning is powered by an unbiased dataset that's designed for the future of work. From hiring through retirement, Claira proactively addresses workforce issues, bringing previously disconnected teams together, illuminating gaps and highlighting growth opportunities

Current HCM Software Tools & Consulting Firms

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Built on biased job descriptions
"x" bullet
Top down approach that is out of touch with workers
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Focused on short term process at a single point in time
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View roles, divisions, and steps in the HR process at the surface level
"x" bullet
Silos workforces
"x" bullet
Multi-year implementation, bloated price

Legacy Job Sites & Recruiters

"x" bullet
Built on biased resumes
"x" bullet
Overly focused on granular items, no big picture vision
"x" bullet
Under utilizes cross-functional people
"x" bullet
Misbalances supply and demand inside and outside of the firm
"x" bullet
Ignores the 50% of the labor market who do not have resumes
"x" bullet
Cost not connected to return on investment

At its core, Claira Drives Employee ROI

Companies are typically forced to continuously invest in recruiting new talent. Claira creates an ongoing cycle of employee re-engagement by highlighting opportunities to cross-utilize and grow each individual at any phase of their employment
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Ready to unlock your workforce potential?

Don’t talk about it. Be about it! Take the next step to building a competency-based workforce, making job descriptions and resumes obsolete.
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