January 9, 2023

Getting to Know Claira: Nick Stabile

Welcome to our weekly corner: Getting to Know. Every week, we’ll take a few minutes to catch up with a Claira team member to help our readers and users get to know them better. You know what Claira does, so let us highlight the people behind the machine and what makes them an expert in workforce development through different questions. Hopefully, this will give you a glimpse into their personalities and even their competencies.

This week, we’re getting to know Nick Stabile, Director of Enterprise Solutions at Claira. Nick has always enjoyed helping others, which is how he knew sales would be a great career path for him. He remains relentless in helping clients find SaaS solutions to solve their real world problems, using his knowledge of the market and exceptional interpersonal skills.

What would you say are the upcoming trends in workforce optimization and human capital ?
I’d say they are digital transformation, and trusting new technologies to provide power behind the scenes. For years, leaders in the workforce have been trying to gain real-time data with actionable reporting.  However, they keep throwing the same solutions at the wall hoping they stick, but they’re getting left in the dust as the innovators in their field embrace new technology to build agile and cross functional teams.

What are some of the most effective strategies you’ve used to learn new skills for your job?
For me, it’s and always has been research and using your natural curiosity to find answers, whether that’s reading a book, going down a research rabbit hole on the web, or following thought leaders on LinkedIn.

What advice would you give to beginner sales professionals, who are intimidated by cold calling?
Just pick up the phone. What’s the worst that can happen? They tell you no, hang up, or maybe you forget your script– oh well. The people we call are all humans; they all have bad days; and they all have a job to get done. Some are nice, and some are not, but pick up the phone and dial. Regardless, just continue honing your talent, and remember that the best athletes, the best scholars, the best of the best practice their crafts every day.

Ann Dickinson-Gaglia
Content Marketing Manager

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