January 9, 2023

Getting to Know Claira: Pete Eisen

Welcome to our weekly corner: Getting to Know. Every week, we’ll take a few minutes to catch up with a Claira team member to help our readers and users get to know them better. You know what Claira does, so let us highlight the people behind the machine and what makes them an expert in workforce development through different questions. Hopefully, this will give you a glimpse into their personalities and even their competencies.

This week, we’re getting to know Pete Eisen, VP of Sales at Claira. Pete is an experienced sales leader, with expertise in SaaS sales for businesses of all sizes. His specialties are sales cycle management, new business development, and go-to-market strategy, to name a few. Pete is Hubspot Sales Certified and holds a BA in Geography from University of Mary Washington.

Cold calling can be discouraging. How do you keep your sales team motivated?
There are few ways I keep my team motivated:

  1. I remind them to focus on their inputs and identify personal metrics.
  2. I train them on thought leadership talk tracks. 
  3. I listen to their challenges and put together action plans.
  4. I encourage them to use Gong to listen back previous calls and learn from them.

Which competency or competencies of yours have been the most helpful when making connections with new prospects and closing deals?
Each client is unique, so I need to continuously learn and grow my depth of knowledge of different business sectors. Also, active listening is a big part of my job. In order for me to be successful, I need to understand their challenges and identify and address their paint points.

What would be your dream job, if you weren’t in sales?
Weatherman. I majored in geography with a concentration in weather and climate. I found the math and science elements of the weather to be interesting. I enjoy the unpredictable nature of weather and the influences that location and timing has on everything.

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