January 18, 2023

How to Make Your Remote Interviews Less Awkward

Millions of people around the world have been forced to begin working from home. It seems like most of our day is spent on endless video conference calls that can sometimes be a little awkward. The issue becomes even worse when video conferencing with someone for the first time. For job seekers, the nervousness and pressure that comes with an in person interview can oftentimes be exacerbated when interviewing online.

It doesn’t have to be all bad, though. Hiring managers can make a few changes in order to make the process more comfortable for everyone involved. These tips can help all parties when you conduct your next remote interview:

Remote interviews can be weird, but hiring managers can make a few small changes in order to make the process more comfortable for everyone

Help Candidates Prepare

The etiquette for online interviews is still being worked out. You can help candidates feel more comfortable by letting them know ahead of time what to expect. Email them information about who will be interviewing them, what they might want to wear, and some information about your video conferencing platform of choice.

Video is Not Optional

There is nothing worse than being the only one on a call with your video on. Make it a clear expectation for all interviews that both interviewers and interviewees should have their video on at all times. This not only makes people more comfortable, but adds a personal touch that does not come along with voice calls. Keep in mind that body language can still be read from miles away.

Prepare a Way to Show Off Your Company

During traditional in person interviews, candidates often look for cues about what working at your company would be like. Do you have a welcoming office setup? Do coworkers chat and seem to get along? What are the other intangible benefits of working at your company? You might find that candidates appreciate being shown some authentic slides or pictures depicting company culture and the like. Remember, for many job opportunities, each candidate is interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them.


Without meeting in person, it can sometimes be easy to see candidates as leads rather than human beings. Keep them engaged by writing a personal note shortly after the interview, and look for one in return. It reflects poorly on companies who don’t clarify to candidates what is coming next, even if it is nothing at all.

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